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We will not accept Facebook pages that promote hate, contain pornography, promote gambling or spamming of any kind.

All Prices are for English Speaking Worldwide Fans

1,000 Fans


2,000 Fans


3,000 Fans


5,000 Fans


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Facebook Fans/Likes 1,000 Fans/Likes 2,000 Fans/Likes 3,000 Fans/Likes 5,000 Fans/Likes
Average Completion Time 3 Days 3 Days 4 Days 5 Days
Facebook Compliant Marketing
100% Real People
Human Marketing
No Admin Needed
100% Results


10,000 Fans


15,000 Fans


20,000 Fans


25,000 Fans


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Facebook Fans/Likes 10,000 Fans/Likes 15,000 Fans/Likes 20,000 Fans/Likes 25,000 Fans/Likes
Average Completion Time 7 Days 7 Days 10 Days 12 Days
Facebook Compliant Marketing
100% Real People
Human Marketing
No Admin Needed
100% Results

If you want to get Facebook Fans in large quantities you are here!

Choose from 50,000 Facebook Fans all the way up to 1 Million fans!

Great for artists, musicians, actors, actresses, celebrities etc looking to obtain a huge fan base quick.

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Facebook Fans/Likes 50,000 Fans/Likes 100,000 Fans/Likes 200,000 Fans/Likes 500,000 Fans/Likes 1MILLION Fans/Likes
Average Completion Time 20 Days 1 Month 1 Month 4 Months 8 Months
Facebook Compliant Marketing
100% Real People
Human Marketing
No Admin Needed
100% Results


Buy Facebook Fans

When you buy Facebook fans for your business, brand or products you will start to see immediately a rise in popularity. The majority of businesses use to buy their Facebook fans because of this astonishing upsurge in their fan base.

We offer Facebook fan packages ranging from just 1,000 fans up to 1 million fans. This includes worldwide fans and also demographic fans from the USA and the UK. Other Facebook products offered within the website include Facebook subscribers and if you are entering a Facebook competition or sweepstake we have Facebook contest votes and photo likes.

With tens of thousands of satisfied customers, who regularly return back to order more products from us, you are always assured of a completely transparent ordering process and customer service.

All our Facebook fans are generated through human marketing, that means we do not use spiders or bots to auto generate Facebook fans. We have large numbers of Facebook groups etc who we use to promote your Facebook page. The time length for completing your order is dependant on the number of Facebook fans you buy. On the ordering page you will see very clearly the average time it takes to fulfil your order for Facebook fans.

If you are ready to buy Facebook fans, please place your order. We will then send you a confirmation e mail of your order, followed by a further e mail (usually within 24-36 hours) stating your existing actual number of Facebook fans. Your order will then be fulfilled normally within the time period stated on the product page. We will then send you an e mail stating that we have completed your order.

That’s it. A very simple professional service to buy Facebook fans.