Why Buy YouTube Likes?

Generate higher rankings with YouTube, the more likes your video has really does add real SEO value to your video. People will click on a video that has 1,000 likes as opposed to a video that only has 5 likes. Lets get your video viral. By generating more views, likes and subscribers this helps YouTube notice your video so it will give you higher placements in the search results, allowing you to get more noticed from fans.

YouTube is now the 2nd Biggest Search Engine in the World after Google!

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YouTube Shows the Number of Likes and Dislikes. Wider market visibility can be easily gained when you buy Youtube likes. This means vastly increased promotion to gain instant viewership which has an immediate potential. Sharing all types of content is good for getting noticed, but again, market demographics will respond differently to these types of content. YouTube Prices

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Additional Information and FAQ – Buy YouTube Likes

The below text may be subject to changes / updates.

What is the best number of YouTube likes to purchase?
You decide how many to order, that’s your choice. About 70% of our clients order the 500 package of YouTube likes, we add these over a period of 7 days and then, a high percentage of these customers re order another small package. Other clients order from anywhere from 1,000 – 3,000 YouTube likes these type of orders take up to 30 days to fulfil.

Can I order for more than 1 YouTube video likes at the same time?
Yes you can. Simply place individual orders for each video likes or even views or subscribers. Our shopping cart allows for multiple orders.

Can YouTube remove my video for using your services?
No. Your video will never be removed from YouTube. The YouTube views we generate are unique and 100 % real users – so no we do not violate any of the rules or terms of service of YouTube. The customer is always solely responsible for content and rights to the video.

What if my video is banned from YouTube for reasons of copyrights or rights of others?
In that case only you will know the real reasons why YouTube have removed your video. We are not responsible for their infractions. If like YouTube, we see that your video contains material that is illegal or not allowed on YouTube (pornography, racism, downloads, etc … ) we will cancel your order. No refund will be given.

What happens if I receive fewer Youtube likes to what I ordered for my YouTube video?
Our service at 1MillionFans.com guarantees that you receive the total number of YouTube likes that you ordered. If after 6 days or more you see your video has not received an increase of likes relating to the amount that you ordered, you can contact us. Please note that the above time frames on the price list are a general guide and each order can be completed earlier or sometimes later.

When do you start to promote my YouTube video for likes?
It is very dependant on the amount of orders we have in the pipeline, but as a general rule your YouTube video likes order will begin to be marketed usually between 24 -72 hours after we have sent you an e mail confirmation of your order.